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Camera and Pipe Locating Services in Vegas

Video inspection has become an indispensable tool for identifying & resolving plumbing issues for both residential and commercial properties. Clog Busters uses state-of-the-art fiber optic cameras to determine the condition of pipes and to locate cracks, breaks, and damage caused by tree roots or crushing for residential and commercial customers.

If you suspect a broken or damaged line, or an obstruction that could require removing the line itself, call the experts at Clog Busters. We will lower a fiber optic camera into the line to get a full color picture of the inside of your line to identify the problem and exact location where repair or replacement may be needed. 

Uses of Video Pipe Inspection

A video pipe inspection allows us to inspect the interior of a pipe without interrupting its flow or damaging it. This type of pipe inspection is extremely useful for leak detection as well as pipe location or finding pipes that are not in their designated location. Video pipe inspections can even help you save money in advance if you’re considering purchasing an older home.

How Our Video Pipe Inspection Services Work

Video inspections are typically performed by using an imaging device on one end, with both ends being sealed off so no fluid escapes. The imaging device is inserted into the pipe and sends images back to a monitor or recorder.

Video camera inspections can help identify a number of potential problems before they become costly repairs. The primary goal of video pipe inspection is to detect any possible flaws (leaks, breaks, or blockage) in a pipe and determine if it requires maintenance.

Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection services

A video pipe inspection can save time and money by allowing you to find problems with your piping system before they become a major issue.

A sewer scope uses a video display to show what the camera is recording, such as where a pipe leads, what condition it’s in, and if there are any damages. Video camera inspections of sewer pipes can be performed quickly without interrupting water flow or damaging your pipes. 

How Do You Tell if a Sewer Line Is Collapsed?

A sewer scope is typically used to determine if a pipe is collapsed. If you are unable to see light at the end of your line, it’s possible that there may be a collapse in your system.

Video pipe inspection is a great way to inspect your piping system without interrupting water flow or damaging any pipes. A sewer camera is able to record images through water, which means you can easily identify if there are any damages or blockages in a sewer pipe. Tree roots are a common cause of pipe blockages and leaks, and a sewer camera inspection can quickly help find places where tree roots have caused pipes to crack or break. 

Pipe Locating

Clog Busters does pipe locating, which is a good option when you need to identify where your lines are. We can even create a custom map of your property’s sewer lines. Our equipment can determine the depth of your lines and the direction they run in.

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